Admission & Applications

Graduates of disciplines relevant to the field of biomedical engineering are eligible for entering the MSc in BioMedical Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (BME-AUTh). Graduates of disciplines not relevant to biomedical engineering but having a sincere and documented interest to biomedical engineering are also encouraged to apply. Graduates of institutes abroad are also welcomed to apply, provided they would be able to follow courses physically (if the developments regarding covid-19 pandemic make this possible, starting autumn 2021).

The tuition fee is 750 € per semester (2250 € for the whole programme) and scholarships are granted in accordance to the regulation for the MSc programs in Greece.

Here is the formal announcement for applications to BME-AUTh for the academic year 2021-22 (in English and Greek).

The courses for the first semester will start in 18/10/2021.

Applications can be submitted as explained below within the period 17/9/2021 – 10/10/2021.

Information for the submission of application

Candidates are asked to submit all required documents by e-mail to unitl 10/10/2021. The candidates will be asked for interview at a time after the filing of their application and no later than 13/10/2021.

The following must be included in the application in files of jpg or pdf type (the application can be submitted in any of the offered formats and language, the other documents should be submitted in the language of issue, if not otherwise specified):

  • Application to be filled in English (in format .docx, .pdf or .odt) or Greek (in format .docx, .pdf or .odt).
  • Personal ID or passport.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Undergraduate Degree(s) and, if applicable, Postgraduate Degree(s). If any Degree is from a University or Institute abroad, certificate issued by the Hellenic National Recognition and Information Center (Hellenic N.A.R.I.C. / Δ.Ο.Α.Τ.Α.Π.) for the equivalence of the Degree to respective Degree of Greek Institute should also be included.
  • Detailed course and mark list regarding Undergraduate or/and Postgraduate Degree(s), or Degree Appendix as attached to the Degree(s) (Transcript of Records).
  • Two (2) recommendation letters. The letters can be submitted by the applicant along the other documents or can be sent directly by the signing person to . The recommendation letter can be written in English or Greek.
  • Certificate of English language mastering at least at the the level B2 (not applied to native English speakers).
  • Personal statement that elaborates on the applicant’s scientific background, interest for scientific fields of the BME-AUTh, expectations from the BME-AUTh and any professional relevance.
  • Certificates of former employment and any other professional qualifications document (if applicable).
  • Any other documents that the applicant believes they should be considered for the evaluation of his/her application.

If the applicant has not yet obtained Undergraduate Degree he/she can still submit the application with the required documents and instead the Degree he/she must submit certificate from the regarding Department that certifies the number of pending courses or other obligations (e.g. diplom project) and the current average mark. If the applicant is in the announced list of admitted applicants, he/she must submit the Degree or certificate of the Department that certifies the successful completion of the undergraduate study program upon registration to the BME-AUTh (in the latter case the Degree must be submitted when obtained).