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MSc in BioMedical Engineering at AUTh (BME-AUTh)

The MSc in BioMedical Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, called BME-AUTh, is an inter-departmental postgraduate programme involving six Departments of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The BME-AUTh was founded in 17/8/2021 (FEK, issue 2, 3807) and first ran in the academic year 2021/2022, fall semester. The official language of BME-AUTh is English.

The aim of BME-AUTh is to give expert knowledge in the use and development of advanced applications of the technologies of biomedical engineering in health systems for prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation. The BME-AUTh is targeting on selecting excellent graduates from relevant Departments, national and international, and educate them on biomedical engineering to build up a human potential of high theoretical training and knowledge that meets the requirements of the rapidly developing technological evolution in biomedical engineering in Greece and abroad. The graduates of BME-AUTh will aptly cover the needs in scientific experts in the area of technology in health service.

The field of development of biomedical systems and applications and their evolution relies on the synergy of scientists of a broad knowledge spectrum and the understanding of fundamental sciences of Medicine, Biology, Engineering and Informatics. This multifaceted coexistence of scientists of different discipline will allow for the widening, enrichment and merging of separate know-how approaches to attain high-level development health technologies and health industrial system evolution. This will definitely contribute in upgrading health care system in Greece and elsewhere.

The following six Departments of AUTh are involved in BME-AUTh:


  1. Greek Official Gazette (GOG) 17/8/2021, issue 2, 3807 (pdf, in Greek)
  2. The internal Rules of Procedure (pdf, in Greek)

Special Interdepartmental Committee for academic year 2021/22

Coordinating Commitee for academic year 2021/22